Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just Out: Sybil's Garage, Number 6

Let's all get on the G train and take a ride into speculative land. Descartes had it right. Cogito ergo Sybil.

When you lie awake dreaming at night, do you know that Sybil lies awake and dreams about you?

Here's what else Sybil dreams: She dreams of a world where humans are an endangered species. A universe where creatures are born, live, and die without ever touching the ground. She dreams of a town where once a year all men go mad, and of a community where basketball becomes the artbiter of life or death. Where children are trees that live in the desert and where ghosts drink your whiskey when your husband's away. And when she awakes, Sybil wonders if you still exist, or if you were just a figment of her imagination.

Cogito ergo Sybil indeed.

Table of Contents

Liz Bourke — “The Girl”
Donna Burgess — “Ashes”
Lyn C. A. Gardner — “God’s Cat”
Alex Dally MacFarlane — “The Wat”
Susannah Mandel — “Metamorphic Megafauna”
Tracie McBride — “An Ill Wind”
Kristen McHenry — “Museum”
Jaime Lee Moyer — “One by Moonlight ”
Daniel A. Rabuzzi — “Backsight”
Michel Sauret — “Brick Wall Giants”
Michel Sauret — “Son of Man”
J.E. Stanley — “City of Bridges”
Sonya Taaffe — “Skiadas”
Marcie Lynn Tentchoff — “Sun-Kissed”

Rumjhum Biswas — “Mother’s Garden”
K. Tempest Bradford — “Élan Vital” (read online now)
Autumn Canter — “Day of the Mayfly”
Becca De La Rosa — “Not the West Wind”
Eric Del Carlo — “Come the Cold”
Jason Heller — “The Raincaller”
Paul Jessup — “Heaven’s Fire ”
Vylar Kaftan — “Fulgurite”
Keffy R. M. Kehrli — “Machine Washable”
Sean Markey — “Waiting for the Green Woman”
James B. Pepe — “I am Enkidu, his Wild Brother”
Simon Petrie — “Downdraft”
Genevieve Valentine — “The Drink of Fine Gentlemen Everywhere”
Stephanie Campisi — “Drinking Black Coffee at the Jasper Grey Café”
Toiya Kristen Finley — “Eating Ritual”
Donald Norum — “An Old Man Went Fishing on the Sea of Red”

Interview with Paul Tremblay by Devin Poore


Greg Schwartz said...

sounds like a good issue... liked your description of the stories.

J.E. Stanley said...

Thanks for your comment. I like this issue a lot (not just because I'm in it).

And, sorry. I should have made it clear that the story descriptions were by Sybil editor Matthew Kressel.

My favorite part of the issue is Kressel's "hand written" missives from Sybil to "Five" that are scattered throughout and which, if read in order, are a moving story on their own.