Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poetry Not to be Missed

From our "Buy This Book! You Won't Be Sorry!" department. Some recent releases you shouldn't miss (in reverse chronological order):


A Guide to Folktales in Fragile Dialects
by Catherynne M. Valente

From the haunting "Child Bride of the Lost City of Ubar" to the heartbreaking "Notes Left by a Previous Tenant," Valente re-interprets legends, myths and tales and weaves them into a moving collection filled with unique and original images. Theodora Goss writes "I could read the poems in this book a hundred times and find new meanings, new pleasures in them." This book is truly a "lesson in thermodynamics."


Stretching the Window
by T.M. Gottl.

A book of depth and beauty to be read and reread. Mark S. Kuhar writes "T.M. Göttl's poems arrive in vivid clusters, filled with wild energy and unexpected twists. These are poems from the human volcano, erupting with emotion, and balanced by stark realizations and personal truths."


e40th & pain: poems from deep cleveland
by Mark S. Kuhar

The soul of Cleveland defined, as only Mark Kuhar could do it. Poetry brimming with stunning images, unique characters and unforgettable stories. "I love this town, brotherman."

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